How do I get more booking requests for my listing?


So you have a listing on Pop Up Shops, but you want more requests. We're sending thousands of interested renters to the site every day, but you can take 3 easy steps to make sure your Pop Up Shops listings get more visibility.

  1. Post your listing to online directories for classifieds. Get more views on your listing by simply copying and pasting your listing link and description to these websites.
  2. Use Social Media. Every listing has easy-to-use share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Use these, and other social networks, to share your listings daily.
  3. 3. E-mail Your Fans. Everyone has e-mail lists, and loyal fans and friends that are artists, designers, makers and brands. Share your listing with them.

These 3 tips should help you get the word out, but once a request comes in always remember that you are more likely to secure the booking when you reply to messages and requests as fast as possible. Plus, every time you send a message on Pop Up Shops an e-mail is sent to the potential tenant, so if you haven't heard anything, make sure to send another message following up.

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